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Your Lockdown Job Search - FAQ's

Your Lockdown Job Search - FAQ's

So, you were thinking of a change of job, a different direction or were simply assessing your options. And then, out comes Boris Johnson, Chris Witty and Patrick Vallance to tell us all that the third in the trilogy of everybody’s least favourite disaster movie is being released at 00:01on the 5th January.

With this announcement came a myriad of questions from people just like yourselves. In this article I will address the most frequently asked questions that we as a recruitment firm have received and also give you the answers that will help you.

1. With a new lockdown in place surely, I will have much less job security if I join another employer now?

This has been perhaps the most common question asked or response given if somebody has been asked about a potential new role. The simple fact is that any change of employer or role comes with its own risks. The traditional probationary period for most employers is three months and will likely have a shortened notice period of just one week. All new employees will not receive their full employment rights until they have completed two years of continuous employment under UK law. Now that we've cleared those negative impacts let’s have a look at the positives! Whilst there is some doubt about where the country goes from here there is actually great confidence in the employment market at the moment. The other glaring positive is that if an employer wants you in a global pandemic then there is unlikely to be a greater indication of job security. If a company can afford you, has the capacity for you to join and has the workload for you to service then that will only increase as the UK's economic position improves post pandemic.

2. How will I be onboarded/inducted into a new company during a lockdown?

This will change on a case-by-case basis. However, since last March, companies have been able to adapt and overcome the circumstances of onboarding during a lockdown. Some companies are able to support the process remotely and will do this from start to finish. Others will follow government guidance which says that it is possible to work from an office if it is "unreasonable" to work from home. Being inducted to a new employer is one such reasonable occurrence. All employers we work with have taken steps to make offices Covid secure and minimise any possible risk to their employees.

3. What are the long-term prospects of working from the office?

Over the course of the pandemic our clients have become adept at managing the flexibility of their work force. So much so that many have said that a more fluid working style between the office and home could now become the norm moving forwards. Our very own company has moved to four days per week to reflect the fact that we have changed our working style to become much more productive. Our clients receive the same service and we gain more flexibility. If you are unsure what this would look like then consult your recruiter. Any good recruiter will have all of this information at hand or the relationship to find out swiftly from the employer.

4. What will the interview process look like now?

For the majority of our clients the first stage will now usually take place over video conferencing such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This can have it's advantages and draw backs. However, we advise that any second or final stage interview should always take place at the place of employment. There is nothing better than getting a feel for the place you will be working, the commute and making a genuine personal connection with those that will be employing you.

5. I was in a recruitment process pre-Lockdown, what happens now?

It is very important to mention that we have not lost any jobs at all during this period so everything is still going ahead! There may have been a few changes in regards to timing but your recruiter should be in constant contact to keep you informed of these. We are fully open for business as are all of our clients.

So, what now?

Well, it's time to pick up the phone and call us to see what jobs we have available that may well be suitable for your needs. We will be consultative and not pushy. We find the CORRECT opportunity for you. Not just the ones on our desk at that moment

The team and I look forward to speaking with you!


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