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"I have a great opportunity for you"

What does this statement mean to you? As recruiters we use this line more often than we probably should. The intonation being that we have something for you that is worth having a discussion about. But what is an "opportunity" and how should it be considered? Read on to find out....

An Opportunity For Salary Increase

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Let's address the elephant in the room first up. Although people are looking for many more things in a job these days, we will discuss later, salary still plays a big part. The "opportunity" to increase your financial position will always be a factor in any job move.

An Opportunity To Progress

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It is very rare that anybody finds a level within business that they are comfortable with and does not want to move up the ladder further. With that in mind, it may well be that your current employer cannot offer you that progression. Your path may be blocked by others or management may be unwilling to consider you for promotion. So what options are you left with? Well, put simply, the "opportunity" to progress may well be offered by a new employer who has an opening for somebody with your ambition.

An Opportunity To Work A Different Way

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The recent buzz phrase has been "work life balance" and since the events of March 2020 has become even more prominent. I have come across people recently who are working 50 - 60 hour weeks and investing plenty of their own personal time into the success of somebody else's business.

In the short term this does not seem to be an issue for some people, but for many the burden is for an extended period of time and for a perceived lack of reward. We have also seen a vast increase in employers offering a hybrid work style between home and the office. This pandemic induced flexibility has worked for many employers and opened up long term possibilities for employees. Those businesses who are looking at returning to the office full time and away from the recent flexibility that has been granted will see a number of employees move on for the 'opportunity' to have a more flexible working life.

Take this into account when choosing your next "opportunity". The work style of the business must be something you are comfortable with long term. A short term decision will lead to long term issues.

An Opportunity For A Change

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As the old adage goes; "A change is as good as a rest". You may well have decided that you have exhausted all opportunities at your current employer and along with the reasons stated above, it's time for a change. A new employer can certainly offer an "opportunity" for change and may well be able to negate the other issues discussed.

Where Is Your Next Opportunity?

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Your next opportunity is whenever you want it to be. Often people wait for the perfect time before considering something new. However, there is rarely such a thing as perfect timing and if an 'opportunity' is missed then it rarely returns.

It is my job to help you discover your next 'opportunity' in a consultative manner that assess your needs and your fit with a prospective employer. It is ALWAYS worth a conversation to see if your next 'opportunity' is available for you. Contact me using the information below for a confidential discussion.

Matt Scarr - - 01482 975960

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